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We Provide all types of logistics services.

The G S Logistics is secure thanks to a trained loading staff and cutting-edge technology. Customers can also choose from a variety of monitoring and tracking systems. This provides dependable, on-time delivery as well as cross-continental car transfer. A transparent on-line car tracking system is also available to provide consumers with total peace of mind.
G S Logistics has operated at two main gateway ports in India, handling all sea-bound movements. When you need a warehousing space in one of the two port regions or ICDs where G S Logistics operates, our team can recommend the ideal warehouse location for you to keep your cargo.
G S Logistics Private Limited Management provides a comprehensive and completely competent Break Bulk solution that is extremely dependable on a global basis. Any sort of break bulk cargo import or export to / from India can be accepted, handled, and delivered by G S Logistics.
G S Logistics is a well-known shipping company based in Mumbai, India, with strong partner agents around the world. We are licensed Multimodal Transport Operators (MTOs) and Custom Brokers who offer a comprehensive range of services to exporters and importers across a wide range of sectors.
Due to the sensitivity and time pressures involved in airfreight, G S Logistics develops comprehensive airfreight service plans tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements. This is accomplished by learning customers’ exact objectives with regards to their internal and external requirements.
Our ocean freight experts are available to help you through the difficulties of international shipping. We organize and implement the whole transport chain for your items as part of our door-to-door service. Full container loading and freight consolidation via strategically selected gateways are among the services we offer.
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15+ Years Experience In logistics Services

G S Logistics. will continue to provide logistics solutions to our clients in order to help them optimize their supply chains. With passion and dedication, we’ve been providing world-class logistics services and solutions across a wide range of sectors.


G S Logistics have hardcore experience since the past in Ocean Freight, Air Freight Project Cargo & Liner Agency, Bulk Break.


G S Logistics will constantly provide customized logistics solutions to our clients in order to enhance their supply chain.


We provide just-in-time information with complete transparency in our services, notifying clients far ahead of time for better planning and avoiding last-minute problems.

We provide expert advice for all size businesses.

Always there for your care, our Services

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GS Logistics Limited is a global transportation and logistics solutions provider. We have a global network of partners and agent offices in over 185 countries and 730 cities, making us a truly global player with services available all over the world.

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